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Bryan Neal

Bryan Neal

Bryan Neal grew up and has lived his life in Maryland. Always inspired and encouraged by his mother, also an artist who spent time painting along with Bob Ross and exposing him to photo-realistic styles of art, this influence was to be seen later in his tattooing.

Bryan was always amazed by tattoos he would see on bikers and the old timers. He would imagine what stories they could tell, and was lucky enough to get to hear some of them.

Books depicting Japanese body suits and the tattooed heads of the Maori opened his eyes to a whole new expanse of tattooing. The urge to learn its roots began.

An artist of different mediums at a young age, he spent time drawing and painting. As a teenager Bryan began researching tattooing, and its history. Weaseling his way into a tattoo shop around the age of 12 to look around subsequently getting kicked out, his curiosity was fueled. Intrigued Bryan always had an eye for tattoos, not always knowing what they meant to the person wearing them. But knew it was a mysterious thing that he needed to be a part of. Getting his first few tattoos around the age of 16, this is when the real quest began.

Collecting tattoos as often as possible Bryan got to know local artists and at the age of 20 began his first job working in a tattoo shop. Starting with body piercing and working an apprenticeship, he then began tattooing in 2003 at the age of 21. Immersing himself in the art and the culture, passion continued to grow.

Tattooing became something that will always be a part of his life. Driven by challenge, he was determined to learn as many different styles and techniques as possible. Bryan continues to elevate the level of work he produces by furthering education on tattooing. After 15 + years of tattooing, and with tremendous help from his family and friends, Stay Gold Tattoo Company in Knoxville Maryland was opened in april of 2019, where he works fulltime.

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